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Gene Parsons invented the first StringBender, the Classic Parsons/White B-Bender, in 1967. Since then he has designed, manufactured and installed StringBenders for hundreds of satisfied musicians. Gene is well known as a multi-instrumentalist and performer. He is also a master machinist and technician with 45 years of experience designing, building and installing StringBenders and has more knowledge and experience in this field than anyone on the planet.

Gene Parsons' reputation for impeccable craftsmanship and complete customer satisfaction is legendary! He only makes time in his busy schedule for a limited number of StringBender installations each year. These StringBenders are built by Gene, installed by Gene, and guaranteed personally by Gene. Installations are made on a first come first serve, appointment-only basis. Gene installs custom-made StringBenders in all kinds of instruments from twelve-string Telecasters and Bajo sextos to banjos and mandolins.

Parsons/Green B-Bender 'Do It Yourself' Kit
currently available through Hipshot Products.


The Acoustic StringBender weighs less than 8 ounces. The device attaches to neck block inside the guitar. The framework, cast of light weight aluminum/magnesium, is designed to allow the natural tones of the acoustic guitar to ring through. The only visible alteration to the guitar is a slot for the Strap Lever.


I, Gene Parsons, personally guarantee the workmanship, materials and performance of all StringBenders that I install for a really, really long time.

To contact me directly

Notice: Before You Ship

Is your guitar an appropriate candidate for a StringBender installation? Before shipping your guitar for a custom StringBender installation, be sure:
   the guitar HAS a traditional Telecaster body;
   the guitar does not have a contoured back ('belly cut');
   the guitar does not have electronics in the upper part of the body (above the string line).
Confer with Gene Parsons about what bridge you have.

Shipping Information

How To Pack and Ship Your Guitar:

Pack the guitar carefully in its case. If the guitar is loose in the case, pack paper around it so it does not bang around inside the case. If you can find a suitable box that is just a little bigger than the guitar case, pack the guitar with its case in the box using paper padding.


If you are shipping the guitar and case without a box, tape the case shut with strapping tape. Make sure your return address and phone number/email is inside the guitar case as well as on the outside. Make check payable to Gene Parsons, and enclose it inside the guitar case. Contact Gene directly for shipping address and instructions.

Sales tax will be added for the StringBender components for California residents. The estimated cost for UPS return shipping, handling & insurance is approximately $150 to $175 in the lower 48 states.

Method of payment:

Payment can be made by check or money order. Arrangements for deposit and shipment must be made in advance by contacting Gene. Some international orders must be paid for by International Money Order or bank wire.


I will make every effort to return your guitar as quickly as possible. Typically a 'turn around period' of six to eight weeks is required. Special arrangements can be discussed with Gene when you make your appointment. Installation appointments are limited.

If you want me to install a StringBender in your electric or acoustic guitar, or other 'bendable' instrument, but you are still looking for 'just the right one,' you may secure a set of components and an installation appointment by sending a $500 deposit that will be applied to your purchase.

'bent' mandolin


In rare instances, in spite of all precautions, very slight finish damage may occur as a result of drilling and routing required to install a StringBender. This almost NEVER happens, however, Gene Parsons and StringBender, Inc. cannot be responsible for slight finish damage occurring as a result of a StringBender installation.

StringBender : a tradition of musical innovation

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