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Parsons/White standard/short stroke StringBender installed in standard Telecaster - $1,850

With the Long Stroke Option - $2,050
Parsons/White Double B & G StringBender
installed in standard Telecaster - $2,980

Parsons Acoustic StringBender installed in acoustic guitar - $2,980

Includes clear plexiglass back-cover plate
Routed interior cavity is flocked with Suedetex

Other options:
Left-handed B-Bender - add $200
Titanium pull-hubs - add $100 each  


Long Stroke Option    The "Long Stroke Option" is now our standard model. This modification that increases the travel of the Shoulder Strap Lever about 40% farther than the short stroke, thus raising the B String a full tone. The extra length of travel at the end of the Strap Lever gives the player more control over the "bending" note. It has a characteristically "SWEET" sound.

The Short Stroke option is still available by special request.

Still The Best!

   The Parsons/White B-Bender is still the world's best B-Bender. The first B-Bender, built by Gene Parsons for Clarence White, changed the history of country rock and the Telecaster guitar.

Goes in the guitar you love!

   The Parsons/White B-Bender can be installed in the guitar you love best and you'll be set for life.

Light weight!

   Parsons/White B-Benders do not change the weight or balance of the guitar. The weight of the wood removed during installation is about the same as the weight of the B-Bender components.

Upgrades to a Double Bender!

Parsons/White B-Benders can be upgraded with a G-Bender to make a Double Bender.

Made by Gene Parsons!

   Parsons/White B-Bender components are made of stainless steel with a matte-finish, polished aluminum, polished brass and include self-lubricating precision bearings in the strap lever and pull-hubs to keep all interior components virtually maintenance free. A drop of oil where the B string rides on the bridge will keep the StringBender operating silently for decades. Every 20 to 30 years the rubber bumper may need replacement.

Double StringBender

( B & G Benders )

Long stroke - $2,980.
   Includes clear plexiglass back cover plate and the interior cavity is flocked with Suede-Tex. Also includes G-Bender lanyard.

Even more
Hot Bender Licks!

   The Double Bender bends the B and/or G strings separately or simultaneously. The B-Bender works by pushing down on the neck of the guitar to actuate the Bender. The G-Bender works by pulling back on the neck of the guitar raising the G string a whole step. The strap lever on the butt end of the guitar turns the pull-hub that the G string is threaded through. In order for the G-Bender to have the same positive action as the B-Bender we recommend using two strap buttons on the end of the guitar. One holds the weight of the guitar and the other attaches the G strap lever to a lanyard that hooks onto a belt loop.

Standard Les Paul B-Bender

Installed in your Les Paul or Les Paul style guitar
call for a quote.
   Includes chrome-plated brass tailpiece, and inlaid black Plexiglass back cover plate.

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